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The unimaginable value of birth memories

What if I tell you that you'll be able to relive memories that do fade away with time

I wish I had known about birth photography when I had my kids. With both of my girls we did pregnancy and newborn photo sessions, yet birth was not offered to me back then. My sister claimed recently that she had taken some photos during my first delivery, I'm still shocked and surprised. Those photos never made it to real life, as soon as I became a new mom life was upside down. To this day I have no idea what happened, that memory card had treasures on it. Memory does fade away, I would give anything to be able to relive my birth journey, the day I became a mom was epic in so many ways.


Happy birth clients

Boston Birth Fine Art Photographer-15

"The birth session was the most spectacular moment to capture. Andre was there from the beginning to end but yet I don't remember seeing her at all. She got the best angled of every second of my delivery and it's breathtakingly BEAUTIFUL!!!!!""


Boston Birth Fine Art Photographer-26

"These birth photos let us relive those moments. The magic of birth and the explosion of happiness is told in every image. This gallery goes beyond time and space, all the emotions and feelings flourish all over again. I can't put it into words. Every minute is accounted for, my daughter's beating heart was beautifully captured through Andre's eye"


Boston Birth Fine Art Photographer-19

"The birth session was unbelievable. She has a great artistic eye, I can't believe the amazing shots we have of this precious moment"


Capturing your journey so memory won't fade away

Birth Stories 

What's included?

  • +30 Fine Art portraits (+60 total including B&W versions)
  • Consultation to discuss birth plan
  • 2 weeks on-call prior to due date until baby arrives. My lifestyle those weeks will be focused on being available for YOU, any day, any hour!
  • Covers Active Labor, Delivery, and 2 Hours Postpartum (home, hospital or birth center). I will be documenting the love and support during birth. Your partner holding your hand, that tear in your eye when you hear the baby for the first time, Dad's expression when he looks and holds the baby, and everything in between. I'll document your intimate birth story and journey step by step so those memories never fade away.
  • Birth location within 15 miles of Lexington MA are covered in this price. You’ll deliver your baby a bit far away? I’m more than happy to travel to your birth location (additional fee per extra mileage)
  • Files are included with digital and print release. Yes! you own the files, you can share them and print as many copies as you’d like :)
  • I want you to have a tangible memory! This session includes $100 in print credit (to be used towards photo books, single prints, or any other prints product)
  • What happens if I can't make it? If I happen to be sick or there is a huge emergency, I guarantee a back up birth photographer. You will get to pick and select her/him when you book me. My goal is for you to have 100% peace of mind :)


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Just 30 Fine Art portraits? what if I love all the proofs?

I understand! birth only happens once. You always have the option to purchase additional Fine Art portraits

Each extra Fine Art portrait

Bundle of 10 extra portraits

Let's create tangible memories with your Fine Art portraits!

Framed Prints

Endless possibilities, all the frames in the colors and textures that you love

Birth Announcement Cards

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Fine Art Prints

Your favorite portraits in every print size

The Portrait Book

All your birth memories displayed on a photo album!

Ready to capture memories of your most emotive journey?

Home birth, Birth Center, or Hospital. I'll be delighted to capture your journey so memory won't fade away.

You'll be able to look back and remember the intense love during your birth journey

Birth Fine Art Portraits