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Hi there! I'm Andre Toro, Venezuelan mom of 2 beautiful girls married to my love-at-first sight husband.
Andre Toro Photography started in 2013 in Seattle, WA and relocated to Boston, MA in 2016. It all started back in 2013 when my oldest daughter was born. I knew right at that moment the importance and blessing of freezing time.

My background is atypical. I started my career as an Electronics Engineer back home in Venezuela, then shifted into business and attended MIT Sloan. I did a west coast adventure and worked for Microsoft, I loved every day of it and learned SO much. After our second daughter was born, we decided to move back to Boston to be next to family (yes! I have 2 sisters who live here). I joined Wayfair to run site merchandising and suddenly my career spiked, someone saw HR potential in me and out of the blue asked me to lead Talent Acquisition for Software Engineering. Life was good, my team was amazing. Then one day life happened and I had a wake up call. Life is too short to not follow your dreams. I chose photography. I wanted to do this job not as a side job anymore but full time, every day for the rest of my life. I wanted to meet new families every week, learn their stories, capture and freeze their essence. Just like that, my dream became my job and I finally felt full-filled, until then I had only being accomplished. Today I get challenged in every session and I love it, the clients’ kind words fill my soul with happiness and I am pursuing my biggest passion. Working on photography is such a rewarding experience. I feel blessed every day.

For years photography was ALWAYS my go place to find myself, I would immerse myself and time would fly, I would wake up at 5am to edit with a big smile (TRUE story). With my husband as my biggest fan and supporter I would run sessions all year round while I had a corp job and 2 little kids at home. Today I’m lucky enough to wake up and go to bed dreaming and living photography.

Not surprisingly I am also a nerd. So at some point I had to go to school to learn the concepts and challenge my technique. I studied Photography at the Photographic Center Northwest (Seattle, WA) where I mastered on digital photography and portraits. That experience combined with my atypical background has given me a unique (an unconventional) perspective. Since then I've been focused on pregnancy, birth, newborn, and family photography. I love capturing raw natural moments with tons of emotions, usually is the in-between moments captured that take my breath away.

If you’re still reading this long memo.. here are some (fun) facts about me:                                                      

  • I have an identical TWIN sister - we live 4 min away from each other!

  • I got engaged with my husband after 4 months dating, and got married 365 days after our first kiss.

  • I LOVE dancing, traveling, and reading.

  • I talk to my mom every day.

  • I'm super passionate about everything I do!

  • My family is my EVERYTHING!

  • I've hand shaken with 2 Presidents (US & Colombia), made Obama laugh so much that Secret Service gave me a hard time.

  • My husband is a LeCordon Bleu chef as his hobby... and that makes me the luckiest wife on earth.

  • I'm a hugger.

  • We bought our first house and on moving day 4 trees fell down on top of our moving truck!! We called 911 and met all our neighbors that day.

  • I always order the same burger at Cheesecake Factory - my husband (the chef) can't believe it!!

  • At home we only speak Spanish, my kids are allowed to fight (but in Spanish! haha)

  • I love dancing in the kitchen with my kids!

Proud to be part of this local network!

Proud to be part of this local network!