Hi, I'm Andre Toro

I'm a Venezuelan mom of 2 beautiful girls married to my love-at-first-sight husband. A huge life wake-up call gave me the guts to pursue my biggest passion and go ALL IN into my photography business.

Who am I? a passionate soul, obsessed with human connection and emotive storytelling. Here is my story.

I'm a nerd at heart. My artistic identity is something that still surprises me, I got artistic recognition in my late 30s. Never saw this coming. Until then my identity was defined by being an engineer, math lover, and corporate businesswoman.

In Venezuela, I studied Electrical Engineering then moved to the US and did my MBA at MIT. I worked in the tech industry for Microsoft and Wayfair and loved it. I was accomplished and life was good! With the drive of holding my own motherhood moments forever, I studied digital photography and portraits at the Photographic Center Northwest in Seattle. Photography became a side job in Seattle and then Boston, it was always an artistic expression that fueled my creativity and inspired my soul.

Then in 2018, life happened. An epic concussion made me STOP. Literally, stop for months. A huge wake-up call. Life is too short to not follow your biggest passion. I decided to quit my big corp job at Wayfair and pursue photography full time.


I've been living my wildest dream. I get to think about and work on my biggest passion ~ family photography! I’m blessed with this journey and thankful for every family who trusts me to capture their essence.

I want you to walk away with artistic memories that describe how your family feels LOVE!

I can't wait to meet your family!

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Here are some (fun) facts about me

  • Mom of 2 sweet girls, married my modern Shakespeare 365 days after our first kiss.
  • I'm a hugger

  • I'm an identical TWIN and I love it!

  • I'm a very passionate soul

  • I LOVE with every inch of my heart. My family is my EVERYTHING!

  • I talk to my mom every day

  • Historical fiction books are my jam

  • I LOVE dancing in my kitchen

  • At home we only speak Spanish, my kids are allowed to fight but ONLY in Spanish! ;)

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