About Me

Hi there! I'm Andre Toro, Venezuelan mom of 2 beautiful girls and wife of Jose who is a LCB chef as a hobby.
Andre Toro Photography started in 2014 in Seattle, WA and relocated to Boston, MA in 2016. It all started back in 2013 when my oldest daughter was born. We hired a newborn photographer and through that experience I knew that I had found my true passion and what I wanted to do for the rest of my life! I want to freeze time and capture moments that will live with you forever!

I studied Photography at the Photographic Center Northwest (Seattle, WA) where I mastered on digital photography and portraits. Since then I've been focused on pregnancy, birth, newborn, and family photography. I love capturing raw natural moments, every client surprises me and challenges me.  

I'm living the dream!!....Some (fun) facts about me:                                                                               

  • I have an identical TWIN sister - who also lives in Boston!
  • I studied Electronics Engineering (in Venezuela) and did a MBA at MIT Sloan. 
  • I got engaged with my husband after 4 months dating, and got married 365 days after our first kiss.
  • I LOVE dancing, traveling, and reading.
  • I talk to my mom every day.
  • I'm super passionate about everything I do!
  • My family is my EVERYTHING! we moved back to Boston to be close to my 2 sisters and their combos.
  • I've hand shaken with 2 Presidents (US & Colombia), made Obama laugh so much that Secret Service gave me a hard time.
  • My husband is a LeCordon Bleu chef... and that makes me the luckiest wife on earth.
  • I'm a hugger.
  • I currently work at Wayfair and I've become addicted to furniture!!
  • 4 trees fell down on top of our moving truck on Moving Day!!. We called 911 and met all our neighbors.
  • I always order the same burger at Cheesecake Factory - my husband (the chef) can't believe it!!
  • At home we only speak Spanish, my kids are allowed to fight (but in Spanish! haha)