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Andre Toro Photography - My Family!

Hi there! I'm Andre Toro, Venezuelan mom of 2 beautiful girls married to my love-at-first sight husband.
Andre Toro Photography started in 2013 in Seattle, WA and relocated to Boston, MA in 2016. Here is my story.

I dream about photography all day long. It’s all I think I about. I’m obsessed with capturing moments and chasing the best light. Yet my background is atypical, Electrical Engineering back home in 🇻🇪 and then Business School at MIT - a super nerd, math lover. I wasn’t the artistic one growing up, I didn’t spend hours on a dark room. I have always liked photography but it was at 30 years old while pregnant with my 1st daughter when I realized how much I wanted to freeze time to treasure MOMENTS. While working full time in Microsoft I decided to study digital photography and portraits at the Photographic Center Northwest, best decision ever. I was obsessed, I would wake up at 5am to edit with a smile. My photography journey started in Seattle and it became my side job for 6 years. We moved to Boston in 2016 and I landed an incredible job in Wayfair. Loved every second of my HR journey there. Then life happened, a huge wake up call. A head concussion which ended up in brain injury made me STOP. Literally stop. I had the chance to see life with a new perspective. Not being able to do anything for months changed my life. The journey was SO tough yet the outcome was incredible! I decided right there at that time to quit my big corp job and pursue photography full time! The decision surprised many. My family and my husband supported me all the way. Today I’m fulfilled. Living my dream. I get to think about and work on photography ALL DAY, every day!!! I’m blessed with this journey and thankful for every family who trusts me to capture memories. I redefined my career and I can’t wait to see what the future brings. I do a happy dance with every client who books, I pour my soul and heart at every session and I get to do it all with the biggest smile. I LOVE MY JOB 📷📷📷❤️

If you’re still reading this long memo.. here are some (fun) facts about me:                                                      

Andre Toro

*I have an identical TWIN sister - we live 4 min away from each other!

*I got engaged with my husband after 4 months dating, and got married 365 days after our first kiss.

*I LOVE traveling, and reading.

*I talk to my mom every day.

*I'm super passionate about everything I do!

*My family is my EVERYTHING!

*I've hand shaken with 2 Presidents (US & Colombia), made Obama laugh so much that Secret Service gave me a hard time.

*My husband is a LeCordon Bleu chef as his hobby... and that makes me the luckiest wife on earth.

*I'm a hugger.

*I LOVE dancing, I dance in my kitchen with my kids or husband every day.

*We bought our first house and on moving day 4 trees fell down on top of our moving truck!! We called 911 and met all our neighbors that day.

*I always order the same burger at Cheesecake Factory - my husband (the chef) can't believe it!!

*At home we only speak Spanish, my kids are allowed to fight (but in Spanish! haha)

*I love dancing in the kitchen with my kids!

Proud to be part of this local network!

Proud to be part of this local network!