Beach Sessions | 2024
Fine Art inspired by candid moments

The unimaginable value of family memories.

Your family's essence, your story.

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What does summer mean to your family?

Can you close your eye and transport yourself to your own summer childhood? Can you feel your mom's tender hand fixing your hair full of sand or maybe dad's tight hug at sunset when the wind was soft?

Parents (me included) have all these memories deep inside our hearts. Treasured summer moments that only our heart feels. Can you imagine being able to walk through memory lane?

This is what a Summer Beach session is all about. It's spending a sunset with your family... hugging, snuggling, running, and dancing. It's watching the sun go down and the sky exploding with color. It's enjoying a hug while watching your kids playing in the sand.

These tender and candid moments will be the best gift to yourself and the kids as the years go by.

The most breathtaking and poetic beaches

Signature Family Session

Fine Art inspired by candid moments

Happy Clients 😁

KC Lan

"Andre’s photography is art. And Andre is an artist. Her photos are world-class and we are lucky to have our memories captured so artistically and beautifully. The process was also very smooth. The communication was clear and concise. Andre was very responsive to our questions and has a positive and collaborative attitude. The planning and coordination prior to the shoot were very well done and organized. It was just picture perfect! We definitely want to do more shoots in the future with Andre."


"I would absolutely recommend Andre Toro Photography for your family photos. Andre is simply wonderful to work with. She will have your family smiling with her charming personality and her talent and professionalism will shine through in the beauty of your photos as well as communication and timing of receiving your final pictures. An absolute pleasure, the best thing we did to capture our family this year!"


"Hi, Andre Toro is a great photographer. It is also very nice to work with her. She is very friendly, knows how to make the whole family comfortable in front of the camera, does a great job selecting beautiful locations for the photos. It has been a pleasure working with her and we are delighted to now have beautiful family pictures!"


"I can't thank Andre enough for our beautiful family photos. She is beyond talented and she did an incredible job capturing our family! We had so much fun spending the afternoon with her and she was so good with my 1 year old. He loved her! The photos are absolutely stunning and they are memories I will treasure forever. I'm looking forward to many more shoots with Andre!"

There is so much beauty in the life you're living right now.

I'd LOVE to capture your family's magic by the water. I can't wait to meet you! 

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