Capturing your intimate birth journey

Holding moments forever so memory won't fade away



Birth Stories

Fine Art
Andre Toro - Best Boston Family Fine Art Photographer-1

Andre's unique style

Candid & emotional

This session doesn't have a script, it's unpredictable how birth will unfold. I'm there to document moments as they happen; your partner holding your hand, maybe your doula empowering a contraction, or your mom cleaning a tear in your cheek. I'll capture the baby entering this world and everything in between! It's candid, raw, powerful, and beyond emotional.

I'm on call for you!

Home birth, birth center or hospital. I'll be there for you. From Weeks 38 on I'm on call, my lifestyle is centered around being available for you 24x7. Do I have a back up? absolutely, you'll have peace of mind.

Andre Toro - Best Boston Family Fine Art Photographer-1

Andre's unique style

The empathy of active labor

I've been there, the joy is overflowing yet the final journey can be long and exhausting. With my first daughter I actively pushed for 3.5 hours, with my second one I pushed twice. Birth is unpredictable and that makes it so beautiful. I'll be there documenting your intimate journey

Fine Arts meets candid moments

I call my style Real Art Photography. I'm there chasing the bond and human connections. I think about birth as an empowering journey. My style is documentary telling your birth story, it's not raw or graphic. It's somewhat romantic storytelling. I love to respect your intimate space, will only speak when spoken to. Not a doula, yet you'll have my absolute presence and energy in the room.

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Birth Photography Boston Area

Your most intimate moments won't fade away with time...

I'll document your birth journey anywhere

What's included in the Birth Stories Package?

Capturing your birth story so memory never fades away

Home birth, Birth Center, Hospital. I'll be honored to capture your birth journey.

Happy birth clients

Boston Birth Fine Art Photographer-14

"The birth session was the most spectacular moment to capture. Andre was there from the beginning to end but yet I don't remember seeing her at all. She got the best angled of every second of my delivery and it's breathtakingly BEAUTIFUL!!!!!"


Boston Birth Fine Art Photographer-26

"These birth photos let us relive those moments. The magic of birth and the explosion of happiness is told in every image. This gallery goes beyond time and space, all the emotions and feelings flourish all over again. I can't put it into words. Every minute is accounted for, my daughter's beating heart was beautifully captured through Andre's eye"


Boston Birth Fine Art Photographer-19

"The birth session was unbelievable. She has a great artistic eye, I can't believe the amazing shots we have of this precious moment"


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