Capturing Timeless Beauty: Inside My 40 over 40 Photography Series

October 02, 2023 Estimated reading time: 5 min

studio_BW Woman Portrait - 40 over 40 Photography in Massachusetts

When’s the last time you celebrated yourself? 

Not as a mother. Not as a couple. Not as an awesome boss in the boardroom. But as…you. 

For many women, the answer might be…well, a while ago. 

It’s normal: we lose track of time, life somehow moves so fast, and between family, kids, holidays, school and work, we find ourselves wondering, what happened to all that time? It sounds cliche but for so many women (me included!), it’s a reality. 

That’s why I’m excited to announce my special 40 Over 40 photo project, a unique series dedicated to celebrating the remarkable strength, beauty, and wisdom of women over 40. Because celebrating yourself, and documenting your own strength, is worthwhile and special in its own way. 

You might be a mother. You might be a married woman, living happily with your partner and your dogs. You might be single and thriving. No matter your stage in life, this project aims to capture you at your very fullest and most authentic self. 

This project transcends age, challenges societal norms, and redefines what it means to be a woman in today's day and age. Let me tell you more about why this series is so important to me – and how you can get involved in my women over 40 photo project. 

What is 40 over 40?

studio_Woman in Chair Portrait - 40 over 40 Photography in Massachusetts

In short, the 40 Over 40 photography project captures 40 unique women over 40 years old.

But my 40 Over 40 photography campaign is about so much more than just photos. It’s all about celebrating the strength, beauty, and wisdom of women over 40. 

This special 40 over 40 photography project is all about capturing the essence of womanhood in all its glory, no matter if you’re a busy mother, celebrating your 20th wedding anniversary, or single and fearlessly conquering the world through your travels. It's about showing the world that beauty isn't confined to youth – it evolves and deepens with age. 

These photos are a celebration of you, your experiences, and the incredible woman you've become. If you want to get involved, reach out now.  

Spotlighting Moms and Their Beauty!

studio_Woman Laughing Portrait - 40 over 40 Photography in Massachusetts

Moms – when’s the last time you felt truly relaxed and pampered?

As a portrait photographer, I've noticed something incredible over the years: Moms are the unsung heroes of family photo sessions. 

It’s true. Ask any mom. They're usually the ones orchestrating the entire event, making sure everyone looks perfect, but often, they end up feeling left behind. They’re last to get ready, and sometimes, they don’t even have time to put on make-up or pick the perfect outfit. 

Most moms put everyone before themselves. In my eyes, they’re the true superheroes of the family. You’re the heart and soul of your families. You've embraced sleepless nights, wiped away countless tears, and celebrated more milestones than you can count. You've juggled a thousand responsibilities and still managed to keep that radiant smile on your face.

But here's the thing: In the wild beauty and chaos of family life, it's easy to forget about yourself. It's easy to put your own needs and desires on the back burner. 

And that's where the 40 Over 40 project comes in. It's a gentle reminder that you deserve to be in the spotlight; that your beauty and wisdom deserve to be celebrated. 

Timeless Memories for Your Family

studio_Woman Blue Clothes Portrait - 40 over 40 Photography in Massachusetts

So many of the women I speak with have one question: why do I need photos of myself? 

Let me tell you why: for your family. 

These aren’t just any photos, of course. Most photos of mothers or women tend to show them in family settings. Think of those extended family photo sessions or Christmas card photos. Those photos are AMAZING of course – they’re lovely. 

But they’re not the same as personal portraits bringing out your truest, best self, wearing your favorite dress or your favorite blazer, looking like a boss with that Beyonce wind blowing through your hair. 

My own mother never had many photos of our family, let alone photos of herself. I grew up craving those missed memories, especially the ones I wasn’t able to witness myself. Without those photos, I never got a chance to enjoy my mom in her element as a 20-something or 50-something. I never got a chance to see her later in life, expressing herself as more than just a mother. 

Without those photos, I will always be missing a piece of the family history puzzle. That’s why you need personal portraits: to express yourself and your personality, of course, but also to show a new side of yourself to your kids and your future grandkids (Yes, these are heirloom portraits!). 

These portraits aren't just for you; they're for your children and generations to come. They're a timeless legacy that will remind your family of your strength and beauty for years, even decades. 

Redefining Womanhood

studio_Woman Portrait - 40 over 40 Photography in Massachusetts

What does it really mean to be a woman in our modern world? 

There’s no denying it: Society has a tendency to favor the beauty of youth. Of course, there's nothing wrong with cherishing the vibrancy of youth – but as a result, we often forget that beauty takes on new forms and dimensions with age.

Those stretch marks on your belly? They document your body’s strength, carrying a child into this world. Those wrinkles around your eyes? They tell the stories of hours and hours of laughter. That weird scar on your knee? The sign of a full, rich life – mistakes and all. 

As women, we’ve journeyed through life's ups and downs, carving our own paths, embracing countless different roles, and conquering challenges with grace and resilience. And sometimes, it’s easy to forget that, especially as we age. It’s easy to forget that beauty transcends age. 

After all of my 40 Over 40 shoots, we sit down and pick out your favorite photos together. And do you know what I hear, time and time again when we go through photos from the 40 Over 40 project? 

“Oh, I usually don’t like looking at myself.” 

It’s a vulnerable time, looking at photos of yourself with no edits to pick out your favorites. Society has taught us to look at our bodies and conjure negative or critical thoughts. So many women have forgotten what it feels like to love themselves and appreciate themselves outside of their designated role, whether that be “mother” “wife” or “CEO.” 

That’s why I’m doing this project. To help women feel more empowered and more comfortable in their skin. To allow women to be themselves, to capture them aging with wisdom. 

We're celebrating not only the outer beauty that graces every face but also the inner beauty that shines through. It's in the laughter lines that tell tales of joy, in the eyes that have seen both tears and triumphs and in the hearts that have loved deeply and fiercely.

How It Works: Powerful Portraits Capturing All Stages of Life

studio_Woman Black and Red Clothes Portrait - 40 over 40 Photography in Massachusetts

One of the reasons I love working as a portrait photographer is because of the people. Over the years, I have had the unique privilege of meeting so many wonderful families, couples, and women. My experiences inspired me to pick up this project and capture powerful women across Boston and Massachusetts. 

How does the project work? Well, it’s simple. First, you’ll need to sign up for my 40 Over 40 Photo project here. This luxury experience includes a full makeover experience with my professional hair and make-up artist. Most women I’ve worked with so far have told me the last time they had their hair and make-up professionally done was at their wedding! If that sounds like you, maybe it’s time to set aside some time to pamper yourself. 

Once your hair and make-up are done, we’ll do a 45-minute studio portrait session with a couple of wardrobe changes. I will help you pick out outfits that bring out the best in you, because we want your personality to shine through. The goal? To have you look at these photos and see yourself glowing! 

Then, we’ll sit down together and pick your favorites. One of your portraits will be featured in our 40 Over 40 digital magazine book and you’ll also get the chance to attend our exclusive reception, celebrating the women who participated. 

studio_Woman Black Clothes Portrait - 40 over 40 Photography in Massachusetts

Unveiling My 40 Over 40 Project

These portraits are a testament to the strength, resilience, and grace that define women today. They're a reminder that beauty transcends age and that each phase of life is worth celebrating. 

The 40 Over 40 project is all about you, your journey, and your unique brand of beauty. If you’d like to get involved, let’s talk about how we can showcase your truest self. 

If you want to be a part of the movement, but don’t quite feel like having your photos taken, I fully understand. Email me to nominate one of your friends who deserves that special spotlight by dropping me a note here. Every woman who participates will receive our 40 Over 40 digital magazine – and can share it with their friends!

studio_Dressed Woman Portrait - 40 over 40 Photography in Massachusetts




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