Affordable pregnancy photos: 3 ways to convince your husband.

March 18, 2016 Estimated reading time: 2 min

Cost of a pregnancy photo session

I remember the first time Andre mentioned a maternity photo session. This is how it went:

Mom-to-be: Honey, we need to do a pregnancy photo shoot

Dad-to-be: Ok, let’s charge the camera and go to Marymoor Park, It’ll be sunny this Saturday.

Mom-to-be: No… not you. We need to do it with someone that can actually take a photo.

Dad-to-be: Do you mean like a professional photographer? Are we calling Annie Leibowicz?

Mom-to-be: No, of course not Annie Leibowicz, but yes, a pro.


I’ll sum up the next two and a half hours of conversation like this: I kept stressing about how high the cost of a pregnancy photo session was, and she kept saying how it would be invaluable. This is the exact same conversation you’re going to have with your husband, so let me give you some pointers to get youe husband on board with the professional pregnancy photo session:


 1. Find other Dads who have done it twice. They can explain how the cost of a pregnancy photo session is worth it.

The problem with your Husband is he can’t picture himself (pun intended) opening a photo album 3 years from now to reminisce on your pregnancy (and in all truth he really won’t), so spending $800 in a pregnancy photo session looks astronomical to him.  

Now, I can assure you ALL, absolutely ALL, husbands will go for the high-end photo session on the second pregnancy. Reason is, they can now visualize the value beyond just not-opening the album 3 years from now.

They remember how much fun their wives had, how their wives felt like supermodels and how they did too. They remember how everyone in the family enjoyed the photos, and how grandma, pushing the boundaries of a less than perfect vision, shared a smile wide enough to hug the planet.

So, instead of waiting for your husband to realize this after the FIRST pregnancy is over, get some “referrals” from male friends that’ve gone through it, ideally twice.

Pregnancy Maternity Photo Session Boston-25-1

2.Include him in the decision-making, after you’ve simplified it.

One thing that Andre did so well during our own process of finding a good match for the pregnancy session is she went through the whole nitty-gritty process of early research but then included me in the final stage. We decided together which photographers we liked the most and how, and if, we would like to take advantage of any packaged deals (e.g. Book maternity and Newborn session at the same time and you save significantly).

Fall Boston Family Photographer - Autumn - Andre Toro Photography - Dad and Daughter


3. Show him the difference between cheap and pro. 

cost of a pregnancy photo session

Humans are, for the most part, very visual in nature.

There are TONS, TONS, TONS.. (you get the point right?) of professional and non-professional pregnancy photos out there on the web. Show your guy what the money you guys are investing is going. These are basically works of art, you can print them in large format and they can decorate your house. You can share with friends and family and feel proud.

I suggest Pinterest boards or Instagram saved posts for a summarized, easier-to-navigate tool to find great examples of what you can achieve with a professional photographer. Include him in the decision-making on props, posing, etc. He won’t really have an opinion or much good taste but he’ll appreciate being included in the “creative” process :)







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