Family Photography: The value of extended family photos, featuring my beloved TORO keepsakes!

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Extended family photos-8

A dream come true, Mexico 2024

It only took us 15 years to get the WHOLE family back together but we did it! This trip was a dream come true. My niece was getting married and we all dropped everything to celebrate their love and get together!! 

My WHOLE family was there, everyone!!! E-v-e-r-y-o-n-e!! We are SO BLESSED!!

I had to do family photos for us!!! These family memories by the water will be cherished for generations to come! It’s SO hard to repeat this moment. ALL together!! My mom, 6 siblings, and 15 grandkids, some already married! WOW 😍.

Mom and the (6) kids

This is petite comite, just us! 

Extended family photos

My Dad (Fafo) is smiling in heaven, this is his legacy!!! My Mom and Dad raised kids who adore each other!! And now the cousins adore each other too! This week has been a dream come true. So many hugs, laughter, adventures, ice creams, and moments together! ⁠

The 15 Cousins

How cute is this photo? the best part is that 10 years from now we can't warranty that the little girls will be in order of height based on age!... haha who knows who will be the tallest?

Another fun fact, we stopped having boys very early on. After cousin #7... ALL GIRLS! haha

Extended family photos-2

The Grandma⁠

My mom (grandma) is the glue of this family! She’s in the center of this TORO family! We are what we are because of HER! Her heart is GOLD.⁠ 

When my Mom married my Dad, he was a widow with 4 kids. My Mom took his kids as hers and the rest is history!!!! One happy family was born! The unconditional love for each other is a testament to my mom's unconditional LOVE for ALL of us.Extended family photos-5

Our families

Sister #1

Meet my adored big sister, my therapist. The one with a direct connection to God, her empathy is off the charts. I love her to pieces!! She's raised a beautiful family. She made me an aunt when I was 8! My first niece was born and my life changed! I was the cool aunt growing up :)

Extended family photos-14

Sister #2

Meet my adored sister, my studio manager! She has a BIG personality! she's loud and funny. To know her is to love her (and laugh!).

In this photo, my brother-in-law is also smiling from heaven, we lost him 4 years ago. It’s hard to believe he’s not with us. His absence has taught us that we NEVER know what the future holds, we have to celebrate every single opportunity we get! The moment to be happy is NOW! The moment for family photos, is NOW! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Memories and love are all we take with us! ⁠

Extended family photos-16

Sister #3

Meet my adored sister, she's my 911. Always gets me out of trouble in real-life emergencies. Her generosity is her biggest asset. She lives in Boston, very close to us. She's one of the reasons we moved back to Boston from Seattle! We wanted our kids to be surrounded by family!

Extended family photos-24


Sister #4

Meet my adored twin sister! she's the peacemaker who always looks at the good side of people. She has kids the same age as mine, it's like I have 5 kids! Our kids are growing up together, it's the biggest blessing in the world! I love to know that when I leave this world, my kids will have a second mom who adores them!

Extended family photos-18

Brother #1

Meet my one-and-only adored brother! My RAMBO growing up, my hero! I grew up feeling protected by the best bodyguard. I knew if ANYTHING happened, he was 1 phone call away to save me! He has a heart of gold, he is a giver. He goes above and beyond to spoil his 5 sisters!!! We ADORE him.

Extended family photos-17

My family

Meet the four of us. My adored girls and husband! I love them to the moon and back. They keep me happy and fulfilled every day of my life! (Yep, I know, our feet are cut off in the photo!... LOL that happens sometimes when you give the camera for someone to click so you can be in the frame!... haha all good!)

Extended family photos-19

I was so nervous for this family session, it was a LOT of (adored) people, I wanted to capture the love and togetherness of our TORO family!
We did it!!! We created CORE memories that day!!! 

Extended family photos-15

TOROS by (non) blood

Meet all the ones who married a TORO member! They had no idea what they were getting into!... Just kidding!! They married a (very) LOUD and lovely family!

FUN fact: out of the 6 siblings... we ALL MARRIED FIRSTBORNS!!! Can you believe that?

Extended family photos-10

Outfits for extended family photos?

It's NO coincidence that everyone looks so great together! Outfits can make or break how you feel about your family photos. Color palettes were sent in advance and we were ready to GO! My family flew in from Venezuela, US, Germany, Czech Republic, and Spain!!! ⁠Everyone packed approved color outfits! Aren't they the best?

It's always doable! it's all about giving (easy) color options to pick from! 

Extended family photos-11

The (girl) cousins!

These lovely girls are spread out across LA, Boston, San Francisco, Venezuela, and Spain!

Extended family photos-6

The (boy) cousins

These handsome boys flew in from Spain, Germany, Czech Republic, and NJ!

Extended family photos-9


Memories and love are all we take with us!

THIS is my WHY! Family memories are the most important thing in the world to me! Having these treasures means the world! These 32 people are my favorite people in the world!!! I had one of THE best weeks of my life!

Family memories mark important milestones in our lives. They create a sense of continuity and mark the passage of time, allowing us to celebrate achievements and special occasions together.

Overall, family memories also serve as a foundation for our emotional well-being, interpersonal relationships, and personal growth. They enrich our lives with a sense of belonging, love, and shared experiences that endure through time.

Extended family photos-13




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