What's the magic of a Beach Photo Session?

July 22, 2020 Estimated reading time: 6 min

Can you close your eyes and transport yourself to your own summer childhood? All those days on the beach, the sand in your feet, the stunning sunset while playing in the water. Most of us have all these memories deep inside our hearts. Treasured moments that only our heart feels. Can you imagine having tangible memories of your most treasured memories?

This is what a Summer Beach session is all about. It's spending a sunset with your family... hugging, snuggling, running, and dancing. It's watching the sun go down and the sky explodes with color. It's enjoying a hug while watching your kids playing in the sand.

These tender and candid moments will be the best gift to yourself and the kids as years go by.

**I get this question all the time :) The mom you'll see in this blog is my identical TWIN :) **

Boston Beach Family Session - Fine Art -57

What to expect of a beach sunset session? how does it work?

This photo session takes place at sunrise or sunset. That's the best light, the golden light. The session starts ~60min before sunset. The REAL magic will start to take place 20min before sunset, then you'll start to be fascinated at sunset - I say START -because the BLUE hour is beyond magical as well. Most people leave the beach right after sunset, yet photographers know that a soft/gorgeous/unique blue light will come right after sunset and it's beyond magical for ~20min.  

Sunrise or sunset?

Great question. It depends on YOU as a family. The light is delightful either way, the magic will always happen. The photographer will look for a sunrise or sunset beach accordingly chasing the best light. You know your kids best (and your significant other too), optimize for your family's schedule. When are you the happiest??

In the Boston area in July, a sunrise summer beach session will start at ~5.30am. A sunset summer beach session will start at ~7.00pm

Boston Beach Family Session - Fine Art -9



  • At 5.30 am (give or take), the beach is EMPTY. No crowds ~ except the enthusiastic jogger that will wave from the distance
  • Some kids are early morning birds, after a well-rested night, they are happy campers exploring the beach.
  • No traffic going and coming from the beach :)
  • If you're doing it on a weekday, you'll be at work by 10 am. That's super AWESOME, no need to take the day off (yay for working parents!!)
  • Breakfast at the beach!!! :)


  • You leave your house when it's DARK. Yes, you need to be at the beach before sunrise. That means you'll probably bring your little one in their PJs and change them at the beach. Totally doable and fun by the way! It's a wild adventure for the kids. They'll be well-rested when you arrive :)
  • Some beach parking lots open at sunrise, so you need to plan in advance all the logistics. Not to worry, your photographer will have you covered.
  • Hair and makeup. You'll have to plan for it and wake up super early. Having wet hair is a no-go, the most epic portraits take place with dry hair (imagine all that wind blowing your gorgeous hair!)





  • Tons of time to prep for the session. You'll have time for every possible contingency. 
  • The session takes place late, so it's always after kids' naps/quiet time. The energy at the end of the day it's amazing by the beach, they can run wild, have their feet in the water, and wind down having fun.
  • Dinner by the beach! Many clients bring picnics and they eat after the session. It's an awesome way to finish your family day.
  • The parking lot will be available. At that time people are leaving the beach, so plenty of space to park.
  • Working parents don't need to take the day off. You can work that day!! The session will be around 7pm (give or take!)



  • Traffic. Plan accordingly :)
  • You'll have to wait until the END of the day for your super anticipated photo session!!!! you'll be looking forward to it ALL DAY! I don't blame you, it's an epic experience.
  • This session ends at night. Kids will go to bed later than usual yet it's SO WORTH IT!!!!! I do it in a blink with my kids.

Boston Beach Family Session - Fine Art -62

Now the magic. What does your mom's soul crave for?

Now that we've discussed all the logistics we can deep dive into the real reason to do a Beach session. The beach has magic powers, I mean it. The sand, the water, the rocks, the marsh, the waves... it is healing & relaxing beyond words. It's the perfect scenery for families. The kids LOVE water, they feel in vacation mode. They relax and start playing with the sand, exploring the wild, and having fun. 

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The beach means 'AMAZING family time' for those who book this type of session. Their most incredible summers have been spent at the beach, the kids smile just thinking about the ocean. Combining your family's love for the beach, with the most breathtaking sunsets, and gorgeous styling, it's THE dream!

Your family. YOUR story

Yes, you'll get a couple of portraits with everyone looking at the camera yet the bulk of your gallery will be FULL of candid and raw emotion. I want to touch your soul and give you memories that make you shed a happy tear.

You'll create the moments. Walking, dancing, singing, having fun! What would you do in the beach without me? That's what I'm after. It's those hugs, those tender memories that will melt your heart decades from now.

Boston Beach Family Session - Fine Art -4

Boston Beach Family Session - Fine Art -53

Boston Beach Family Session - Fine Art -39

 Boston Beach Family Session - Fine Art -20

Boston Beach Family Session - Fine Art -19

Boston Beach Family Session - Fine Art -12


All the love that a mom gives with a soft touch or a tender look

Mom's love is unconditional, it's the safest place for her kids. I love how during the session kids run to mom to hug her, kiss her, or find comfort. Those unexpected moments create all the magic. The world stops and everything falls in place. Moms have superpowers. That relationship is so special, it is what moves me the most.

Moms are usually the ones who book me, so this is my gift to them. I know how hard they worked to make THIS session happen. All behind the scenes work, the convincing, and the commitment. The dedication for long-lasting memories, the drive to document the love. Her purpose of capture the everyday magic for years to come.

Boston Beach Family Session - Fine Art -25 

Boston Beach Family Session - Fine Art -42

  Boston Beach Family Session - Fine Art -26

Boston Beach Family Session - Fine Art -38

Boston Beach Family Session - Fine Art -7


The magic of Dad

All Dads are different, I've photographed shy ones, extroverts, funny, or wild. What's constant is the love for their family. It could have taken Mom 1 month or 5 seconds of convincing Dad to do a beach photo session, it doesn't matter. Once Dad agrees to it and decides to be present, OMG wow!!! Kids are happy, mom is delighted, and my heart explodes. All sorts of moments take place. From tender to over the moon. 

I love the unexpected 'Dad & kids relationships'. I'm telling YOUR story, going after YOUR moments with your kids. I don't direct in my sessions, once the expectation bar is down and Dads understand that I won't be posing anyone, then the magic is unstoppable. The beach is the perfect location to enjoy and have fun! 

Boston Beach Family Session - Fine Art -33   Boston Beach Family Session - Fine Art -17

Boston Beach Family Session - Fine Art -45


A beach session is not for everyone yet if you're one of those who enjoy it...the experience will be EPIC.

Most family sessions are usually local, a short drive to a stunning location. A Beach session is a whole different experience at another level. The commitment is bigger yet the experience is SO worth it and beyond magical. It's a personal favorite. I LOVE the beach, I grew up in Venezuela (summer year-round). My entire childhood was on the beach by the water. Being able to capture a family's love on a beach during sunset is one of my absolute favorite things in life. It's my happy place.

  • The magic of being flexible in schedule (yes! early morning or late night. I know that with small kids this can sound scary). Trust your gut, trust your photographer and go for it. She/he knows the beaches by heart and will recommend a stunning location with the perfect start time.
  • You will get wet, kids will get wet, yay for embracing the water! In summer it's warm, it's delicious! The photos will be a true reflection of the fun you had as a family. If you let your kids be kids, then the epic magic is guaranteed. They won't go for a swim, I promise :)
  • No shoes. Yay for walking barefoot in the sand! It's a relaxed session, we go with the flow and explore the beach while creating memories.
  • You'll drive, yay for a road trip! Unless you're staying at the Cape and your session is there (yay! for a delicious vacation) you'll be driving for a bit. What about listening to your favorite Spotify playlist on your way to the beach and non-stop talking about the awesome experience on your way back? It's SO worth it. My family has ALWAYS enjoyed road trips. We crave them, we do day trips constantly. If you embrace the drive you'll be forever in love with your Fine Art beach portraits!

That's it!. The rest of the experience is as you imagine it. Epic. Gorgeous. Amazing.

Beautiful deserves to be remembered.

A beach session it's once in a lifetime experience! Go for it.

Boston Beach Family Session - Fine Art -44 

Boston Beach Family Session - Fine Art -58

YOU keep this family together, you are committed to your family's happiness. Let's celebrate the love and embrace YOUR story!

Boston Beach Family Session - Fine Art -35


I can't wait to meet your family, spend a sunrise/sunset with you, and create the most breathtaking memories!





Andre Toro is an award-winning family photographer based in Boston, MA. She calls her style Real Art Photography, which she defines as Fine Art inspired by candid moments. Andre is a passionate soul, obsessed with human connection, and emotive storytelling. She believes love is raw, messy, and beautiful. To inquiry about booking a photo session, please contact her at andre@andretorophotography.com

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About Andre Toro Photography

Andre Toro is an award-winning family and published photographer based in Boston, MA. She calls her style Real Art Photography, which she defines as Fine Art inspired by candid moments. Andre is a passionate soul, obsessed with human connection, and emotive storytelling. She believes love is raw, messy, and beautiful. To inquiry about booking a photo session, please contact her at andre@andretorophotography.com

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