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Fine Art ~ classic Kids portraits

Timeless portraits that tell a story and send you back in time


Happy clients

Classic Kid Fine Art Photography-1

"I just wanna take the time to mention that Andre is a wonderful photographer, her energy and pictures are pretty amazing. All my family and friends are in love with her pictures of my girl! Everything in the pic is really great; colors, outfit, background, and also her patience and energy working with kids"


Classic Kids Fine Art Portraits, Boston-11

"I'm delighted with Mia's photos. I was so impressed with Andre's attention to detail to create these classic portraits, from the location to the outfit. The session was so fun, she made my daughter feel so special! I highly recommend Andre to anyone who wants to have a classic photo that truly looks like a painting"


Classic Fine Art kids Portraits, Boston Family photographer

"The photo of my daughter in the red cape stopped me on my tracks. It feels part of a story in a book. Wow! in the family we will never forget this specific classic portrait, even years later it's an all time favorite"


Timeless memories

Classic Fine Art Kids Portraits

What's included?

  • 1 hour session. Outdoors only, location selected by Andre based on the story we want to tell :)
  • 5 Fine Art Portraits (10 total including B&W versions) chosen from +10 proofs
  • Download and print release
  • Includes 1 kid. Extra kid $75 (Max 3 kids)
  • Farm animals can be included at extra cost (horse, chicks, rabbit, hens, etc)
  • Location within 15 miles of Lexington MA is covered in this price. There is an additional fee per extra mileage. We can shoot anywhere, I'll drive to the moon for breathtaking classic portraits! 
  • Styling discussion is complementary, actual wardrobe is not included (I will recommend all the stores/outfits to pick from)


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Timeless Classic Kids Portraits