Family Photo Session trade with 'All The Little Stories' - part I

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What if I told you that I walked in your shoes? Well, I did! I had my very own professional photography session with All The Little Stories. Libby and I became friends during our kids' ballet class, we would watch the girls dance while talked about our shared passion: PHOTOGRAPHY. I always looked forward to my Thursday's chats with Libby! Then one day she asked me my favorite question of all 2019: would you trade a family session with me? My immediate answer: it would be MY DREAM to have YOU photograph my family and MY HONOR to photograph yours.

After agreeing to trade family sessions, the fun began.


I've always been in the other side of the session, sending clients a styling guide and helping them pick outfits within a color palette. THIS time it was my decision alone, so many options out there, it's overwhelming! I was sure I wanted to go a bit formal (definitely would be using these photos on our Holiday Cards) and I was dreaming about my girls having matching outfits. What I didn't know is that I'd go for triple matching tutus! I found the cutest boutique store online and bought 3 light pink tutus. I wanted to break it a little bit and haven them pop with color, so I decided to have them wearing blue shirts while I wore a white top. My husband was the neutral guy, blue jeans and white shirt. He was comfortable, in the zone wearing his preferred shoes and keeping it casual with his jeans. 

High heels vs. flats? Since my tutu was so long I went for high heels. I'm ALWAYS in flats or converse, so for my professional session I spiced things up with my casual back and kaki heels. Same dark tone for my kids' shoes :) 


Getting into the zone

NOW I know how you feel. I was so nervous, being in the other side of the camera can be overwhelming. I wanted my photos to turn out great yet 'posing' is always odd.  Libby is such a wonderful artist. I loved my experience and fully trusted the photographer! She made us feel so comfortable, she played with the girls and made us all laugh. She also got incredible shots of my husband and I - something I was craving for as we celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary within days of our session. 

20190617_489 .   20190617_506-2


Lifestyle vs Posed

A great photographer such as Libby will provide you with non posed photos as well as everyone looking at the camera. There is a need for both styles! I can't tell you enough how much I loved both approaches. It took me days to pick my favorite moments captured by her!



Mommy & Me Moments

When Libby reached out, what she was dreaming about was me capturing moments with her daughter. She - same as me - has incredible portraits of her daughter yet she's never in the frame. This is as true for us as professional photographers  as for a regular mom with an iPhone. We're always freezing time, chasing our kids with our camera and immortalizing their childhood, yet we're never in the frame. I joke that my kids will ask if I was around while they were growing up. My husband in the other hand, has the most emotive portraits with our girls. I totally understood where Libby was coming from, I was also craving for memories  with my kids! Here are some of my favorite photos :)

20190617_455    20190617_258

Flying solo

As a photographer I've captured incredible individual portraits of all my clients, specially Moms. Every time moms get surprised, we're not used of getting the attention. We live and breath for our kids and family. Having my portrait taken was amazing, I even did a big swirl with my tutu. Yes, at 36 I still get excited dancing wearing a tutu! Thank YOU Libby for capturing my essence and giving my kids a memory of their Mom at 36 years old.


This is us

Thank YOU Libby for the best gift of all, your talent. I'll treasure these photos for ever. I'm decorating my walls at home with your art. You've given us memories to hold on forever. Thank YOU my talented friend.


If I've learned something with this trade is that years go by TOO quickly. Last time WE had a professional photo session done was when our youngest daughter was born, yes almost 4 YEARS ago. Before then we were on a roll, we did both pregnancy sessions and newborn sessions. Then life happened. THIS session reminded me how important it is to make it a priority to spend time on US, documenting OUR journey as a family of four. Freezing hugs, snuggles, and laughs that will not come back.

If you're curious about the session I did for Libby. Here you'll be able to enjoy some of the moments I captured between Libby and her daughter.




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Andre Toro is an award-winning family and published photographer based in Boston, MA. She calls her style Real Art Photography, which she defines as Fine Art inspired by candid moments. Andre is a passionate soul, obsessed with human connection, and emotive storytelling. She believes love is raw, messy, and beautiful. To inquiry about booking a photo session, please contact her at

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