Family Photo Session trade with 'All The Little Stories' part II

July 09, 2019 Estimated reading time: 3 min

An unexpected text from Libby - photographer behind All The Little Stories - arrived in May, will you trade a family session with me? My answer: it would be MY DREAM to have YOU photograph my family and MY HONOR to photograph yours. Today I'll share with you some of my favorite moments captured during her Spring session.

Mommy & Me 

Moms are always the ones capturing moments, yet we barely make it to the frame. We make sure to document our parenthood journey through our kids day-to-day photos. We're always with the iPhone in hand ready to capture that sweet smile, that snuggle between siblings, that first tooth lost. I always worry that my kids will ask if I was around while they were growing up. The answer will be I was there, watching from the first row! Wouldn't it be wonderful to also be in photos with them? Wouldn't be a dream to walk through memory lane 20yrs from now looking at photos of your kid kissing you? 

Libby was so right. These moments are a sweet must, the best gift for our kids when they're grown up. Without realizing it, we (moms) put ourselves last, we make sure kids have long lasting portraits with dad, grandparents, cousins, and friends. Yet unless we're taking a selfie, we're not there as main characters in our kids' stories. Libby's dream was to document the relationship between Mom & Daughter on a cold and cozy, spring afternoon. I picked Stonehurst, the Robert Treat Paine Estate as the ideal location for this session :)

Libby Nelson | Spring Session 2019 (12 of 35)

Photographing a published artist 

When Libby reached out I was SO excited and SO nervous. I've photograph so many clients but never another professional photographer's family! She knows the inside and out of my industry. She could have picked ANY photographer to trade sessions with yet something clicked and she picked me. The honor was real and the responsibility enormous. How do you direct a session with the master of posing in the other side of the camera? Well, Libby is incredible, she went with the flow. She let me take the lead and she truly enjoyed her session as a Mom - not as a published and famous photographer. Thank YOU Libby for making this a memorable session. I will always treasure the time we spent together. 

Libby Nelson | Spring Session 2019 (6 of 35)

Watching your super human side was humbling. It was even epic that it rained a little during our session, only YOU would be so OK with this misty and magical afternoon. You understood perfectly that capturing moments is what's important, the background is just that, a setting in a story. You and your daughter played the main role in your Mommy and Me love story.

Libby Nelson | Spring Session 2019 (35 of 35)

Lifestyle vs. Posed

I always aim to provide both sides of the coin, everyone looking at the camera and other natural raw moments with laughter. Having both styles is so important, there is a need for both. Some clients gravitate towards posed yet for me is the real moments that capture a relationship's true essence. As you see here, both are beautiful, the love is real in both portraits! 

Libby Nelson | Spring Session 2019 (23 of 35)   Libby Nelson | Spring Session 2019 (8 of 35)

Mom's biggest love

100 reasons to smile. This girl is so energetic, sweet, and fun. She made our session a happy one. She made us laugh and she also taught me that it can be extremely cold for a latin blood person like me and still ok to wear a dress and dance out. Her personality is beyond adorable, I captured her essence as she just hugged, kissed, played and danced with mom!

Libby Nelson | Spring Session 2019 (25 of 35)

The artist behind All The Little Stories

One of my gifts to Libby was to give her a portrait capturing her true essence. She's got a contagious smile. She's SO beautiful inside and out. She's humble yet brilliant. She's shy yet the best mentor. She's worked both in National Geographic and has also been published in luxury wedding photography magazines. Libby is the entire package: kind, successful, and humble. An incredible human being and the best mom to her daughter. I've seen her as a mom in ballet class with our girls and also as an accomplished photographer directing our family photo shoot. May you always find joy in what you do. You inspire me every day!

Libby Nelson | Spring Session 2019 (18 of 35)

This session was once in a lifetime for me. I learned so much. I challenged myself to go far beyond my wildest dreams seeking the best light and technique while capturing the most adorable moments between mom and daughter. What started as nerves with an unexpected text suggesting a family session trade, ended up as a fulfilled heart. My artistic soul got challenged that day! Thank YOU Libby for the trust and opportunity to freeze time for you as a Mom!

Libby Nelson | Spring Session 2019 (2 of 35)

In this other blog you can read my experience as I prepared and enjoyed our family session with Libby! Me in the other side of the camera!



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