Top 13 Beach Family Photos That Will Take Your Breath Away | 2020

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Wow! this has been probably one of my favorite blogs to write. Beach Sessions are my absolute favorite, I found my true calling with my feet in the sand capturing LOVE during breathtaking sunsets. It was so lovely to walk through memory lane while picking my personal favorite family photos. It was SO hard to pick these, the blog was initially named Top 10 but I couldn't choose just 10, so I changed the name to Top 13! haha why not?. For fun, I made it a countdown, so scroll all the way down to see my Top #1! Let's get started! 

I made it a yearly tradition! if you're curious to see what photos made it to the Top 2021 beach countdown, check this blog! 

What spoke to my soul in these Beach Portraits? 

These are overall reasons / themes that made these 13 Beach Family Portraits SO special to me.

  • Emotive storytelling. This is the winner ticket, I'm obsessed with human connection. ALL of these photos make me FEEL the love and the family's essence. The happiness is contagious. Each portrait is intimate and emotional.
  • Dramatic skies. When clouds join at sunset, Mother Nature puts on the most spectacular show. I welcome clouds with open arms, I actually crave for clouds at sunset.
  • Gorgeous styling. All of these sessions were styled so beautifully. Styling makes the portrait reach its full potential, adding to the overall feeling and mood. I had a vision for each of these sessions and worked with the Moms to achieve these cohesive and beautiful looks. You'll see that solid and patterns fabrics alike work great for beach sessions. It's about mixing up color & texture.
  • The light! awww I'm in love with beach sunset light. So many angles to work with, it pushes my creativity. Each of these portraits has the light as a signature element.
  • Candid moments captured. Unexpected MAGIC taking place during sunset.
  • The movement. I LOVE wind at the beach, it adds movement to the portraits.

Are all these photos taken in the SAME magic beach? 

Nope, what I love is that in this countdown 4 different beaches are featured. Beach magic took place in Gloucester, Duxbury, and The Cape. I know the light inside out in this epic beach destinations. Each beach inspires me with its unique signature elements.

Fun fact not related to the countdown. You know what's the best perk of beach photos? NO SHOES. One less thing to think about for styling! ;)

Countdown from Top #13 to #1

Top #13 

Siblings running during sunset, such a fun capture. They were enjoying their first trip to the beach that summer, they couldn't hide their happiness exploring the open field and running to the ocean. There were seagulls around and the girls were so excited about it. Backlit beach photos will always own my heart. @ Gloucester

Summer Beach Family Photography-8

Top #12

Mom & kids portraits melt my heart. Every time a mom is in the frame, my heart explodes with love. We are always the ones taking photos of our kids. During my sessions, I LOVE spoiling moms with many portraits of her and the little ones. I want her to remember THOSE tight hugs, those snuggles. This photo stopped me in my tracks immediately. It's SO emotive and emotional. Here is when the styling works hand in hand with the story I'm trying to tell. @ Duxbury

Duxbury Beach Family Photo Session -10

Top #11

I broke my personal candid portrait love rule. This classic portrait had to make it to the list, the reason why I picked it is not because of everyone is looking straight the camera, but because of the dramatic skies and the overall composition. Mom's skirt is flying, everyone is happy, the little boy is showing me a shell he had just found, and that BOAT stuck in the sand adds a dimension that it's to die for. @ Cape Cod

Cape Cod Beach Family Photo Session -19-1

Top #10

What's better than dancing in the beach during sunset? I KNOW I am biased! This is ME and my girls... hahaha.. who said that self-portraits couldn't make it to the Top 13 list?? I love the moment captured, the face expressions. My little one is daydreaming while dancing, my oldest is engaged imitating my dance moves. So much LOVE in a frame. When I am in the frame with them is a dream come true. I want them to remember the fun we had together.  This sunset, this dance, this moment captured makes me FEEL all the chills in my heart. @ Cape Cod

Beach Photo Session Cape Cod -1-3

Top #9

My all time favorite silhouette. EVERYTHING worked together, the sky was BURNING with color, the little one inspired dancing, and my heart beating fast breathing this moment in. Wow. I just love this portrait SO MUCH, it has texture, color, and feeling. @ Cape Cod  

Beach Photo Session Cape Cod -1-4

Top #8

This photo is famous with this family. This is the third year I get to photograph this family and we always recreate this scene. The first time they danced together was 2018. It was epic. Since then, I promised Dad that he'll dance through the years with his daughter. Such an emotional capture. You can feel how proud Dad is, the love for his daughter is tangible! @ Cape Cod

Cape Cod Beach Family Photo Session -20-2

Top #7

What do you think was going on in Mom and Dad's minds when I captured this moment? This IS life, right here. Your tribe holding hands. Your world right next to you enjoying an epic sunset together. This portrait takes my breath away. Look at the little one, she can barely walk and she is right there participating in this family moment.  @ Duxbury

Boston Beach Family Session - Fine Art -57

Top #6

Can you feel the hug? The wind was blowing and the little one decided to snuggle with mom to get warm for a bit. It was adorable to watch. The wind is blowing mom's skirt adding movement to the photo. I also LOVE the crop. It's all about the hug. @ Duxbury


Top #5

Look at the way Dad and the boys are looking at Mom? WOW!!! They ADORE HER. It's total admiration. She is their fairy tale princess. This portrait captures their family essence so beautifully. Mom was looking gorgeous and the boys embraced walking hand in hand with her during sunset.  The wind was blowing in the most epic way. @ Cape Cod

(low res) Beach Cape Cod Family Photography-1

Top #4

A portrait out of the fairy tale books. I LOVE IT SO MUCH! The sky was burning with color, Mother Nature was putting on a spectacular show and the boys couldn't believe their eyes. They kept running and exploring the beach looking for tiny rocks and shells. They had a blast and so did I. This was one of those sessions that EVERY click was a ART. The styling, the moments, the clouds, the water, the textured sand. BEST session ever. @Duxbury

Duxbury Beach Family Photography-1

Top #3 

THIS is my absolute favorite Mom & Me portrait I've ever taken. This moment captured is so real and authentic. Mom's relationship with her son was something that spoke to my soul. They danced, they played, they got full of sand. The son then decided to snuggle so hard, that's how he expressed his love and happiness.  The beautiful thing is that he was a hectic and active kid, yet he just calmed and zoned in to have the most unexpected and tender moments with mom. The love was exploding, mom was melting over his son's sweet snuggle. As a mom myself, that emotive connection took me to how I feel when my little one snuggles in the mornings. So much love and adoration.  

This photo has received so many compliments, it was also featured in the Inspired Magazine in February 2021

Andre Toro Photography 2020 - Melissa MacBride-13-2

Top #2

Dad and his boys. I love this family so much. It's the second year capturing their essence. This time we met at the Cape and the sand had the most gorgeous texture I've seen in my life. This portrait is my Top #2 beach photo and you don't even see the ocean!! The sand and the moment runs the show. The little one is running to catch up with the boys. We had JUST gotten to the beach (they are even carrying their shoes to where we'll stop for portraits). THESE are the moments that my artistic soul craves for. The session hadn't officially began. I was talking to Mom while we walked to the water and right THERE in that INSTANT I saw THIS moment that took my breath away.

Mom loved this photo so much that it made it to a 40x60 canvas for the living room as well as THE photo for the Holiday Cards. Some photos will live in my heart forever and this is one of those. @ Cape Cod

Summer Beach Family Session Cape Cod

Top #1

If you want to know what Andre Toro Photography is all about, this is IT. Right HERE. THIS capture is why I love what I do for a living. THIS is family. Everyone is engaged in the moment showing their unique personalities. Mom is proud and surrounded by her loved ones. Dad is helping her daughter walk to the ocean. THESE candid memories are the ones my mom-soul will crave for decades from now. I want YOU to talk away with ART that captures your family's essence beautifully. This photo right here is the cover photo of ATP's home page,  I like it THAT much :)

Andre Toro Photography - Carissas Beach Session 2020-17

For me the beach is where I spent all my childhood summers, I have so many memories treasured in my heart. Yet no tangible memories to walk me down memory lane. Giving you THESE Fine Art memories by the water with your children is my true calling. Sunsets at the beach are epic. There is so much magic in Beach Photo Sessions.

It's a true honor and blessing to be welcomed in your bubble to capture your family's love. Andre Toro Photography is all about human connection and emotive storytelling and the beach setting just pushes the experience to be a Fairy Tale one. Each beac portrait tells a story. You'll be able to look back at FINE ART that conveys your family's essence by the water.

I hope you enjoyed the Top 13 countdown as much as I did :)




Andre Toro is an award wining family and published photographer based in Lexington, MA. She calls her style Real Art Photography, which she defines as Fine Art inspired by candid moments. Andre is a passionate soul, obsessed with human connection, and emotive storytelling. She believes love is raw, messy, and beautiful. She specialized in Family, Maternity, Newborn, and Birth Photography. To inquiry about booking a photo session, please contact her at 

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About Andre Toro Photography

Andre Toro is an award-winning family and published photographer based in Boston, MA. She calls her style Real Art Photography, which she defines as Fine Art inspired by candid moments. Andre is a passionate soul, obsessed with human connection, and emotive storytelling. She believes love is raw, messy, and beautiful. To inquiry about booking a photo session, please contact her at

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