Why Is Family Photography Important?

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If you had to name the one thing most important in your life, Family would probably be at the top. Family is everything. Families come in all shapes and forms and what's constant across all families is the LOVE for each other. We give our lives for our family, we adore them with every inch of our hearts. Embracing and celebrating family is at the core of Family Photography. Today I'll share with you my top 4 reasons why Family Photography is important :)

Days are long but the years fly by

Parenthood is both delicious and hard. We're exhausted and look forward to bed time and then an hour later we kneel by their beds to kiss them because we miss them so much. The joy, the happiness, and the tiring routine are in ongoing conflict. Yet if there is one thing we know for sure is that we want to be able to remember it all. The cuddles, the hugs, the smiles, the laughter, and even the tears. 

It may seem that the days are SO long but in a blink our kids will grow and we'll miss them dearly. Family portraits are a way to walk back through memory lane. The value of these tangible memories becomes unimaginable as the years go by.  We will hold these family memories close to our heart. It's remembering your kids' smiles, their hands holding yours, kisses and hugs with such great joy. It's been able to peek into the past and relive those incredible years of parenthood when you were your kids' world.

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For families with teenagers, it is even more emotional, family photos will be a reminder of the time your little ones lived with you. Beautiful moments and life stages deserve to be remembered.

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Parents in the frame

As Moms, we're always the ones taking pictures of our kids and we're almost never in the frame. That for me alone is why family photography is so important. It is all about giving our kids memories with us in the frame with them. They'll be able to look back and enjoy these family portraits. Your kid(s) love(s) YOU for who you are, their hearts adore you.  Having memories with Mom and Dad is the absolute best gift for them. It is not worth holding up on family photos and delaying waiting to lose weight or change appearances. Kids' love is blind to looks, they love you for who you are. Kids' love is truly unconditional and we are their whole world.


Growing up in the 80s, family photography wasn't a thing. I do have a few photos with my parents yet the bulk of the memories are only of my siblings and me. I would give anything to have more memories with my parents when I was a little one. I know they loved me with all their heart, yet I crave for those tangible memories to share my childhood with my own kids. That's the beauty of family photography, we document the beauty of life. It's about capturing a family's essence and freezing the raw love between Mom and her kids, or a Dad dancing with her daughter while enjoying a sunset. Parents belong in the frame with their kids. It's the best gift for you and them, years from now your heart will be so happy to see YOU with THEM in gorgeous Fine Art Portraits. 

Fall Boston Family Photographer - Autumn - Andre Toro Photography - Dad and Daughter

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A journey dedicated to love

A family photo session is an opportunity to spend a sunset together enjoying each other's company.  Life is hectic, we're on busy schedules. Taking time off the routine to celebrate family speaks volumes! A family photo session is more than photos, from booking to session day there is so much beauty in the behind-the-scenes. We will connect on a deep level, your family's story will be my inspiration.

You'll be surprised at how in love you'll be with your family as you share who you are and your family's story. In sharing your family's passions you'll realize how BEAUTIFUL life is, with its struggles, highs, and lows. The realization that we always overcome the tough days with our tribe by our side. The love escalates when you book your family photos, you'll be celebrating your family from booking to receiving gorgeous art with your family's memories. 

I've even had families book family photo sessions as a therapy to work things out. That's how powerful family photography can be. You'll be celebrating your family and embracing your partner in life. There is no script for family sessions, love is candid and raw. These memories will give you endless reasons to be grateful for the life lived and the journey shared as a family. 


It's the legacy that lives on after those we love are gone

If COVID taught us something is that tomorrow is not guaranteed. I thought I'd known this fact forever, yet 2020 changed it all. I grew up with a Dad who had heart issues for 17 years. Open heart surgery and everything in between. Even as a teenager, I didn't take his presence and life for granted, there was an inner acknowledgment that every day/year with him was a blessing. That FEELING I've only had it with my Dad. Up until 2020, unless someone in my family had an extreme health condition I saw them as eternal. I would just assume that years would go by and we'll be happily ever after as a big family. For me, their presence and love were granted. 

2020 reaffirmed my purpose, my life calling is to give YOU memories. Because memories are all we take with us as the years go by! 

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Celebrating life with family portraits is leaving a legacy behind. These portraits will be passed down for generations to come. These memories will tell a story of who we were as a family and how much we loved one another. Some life journeys are long, others cut short, celebrating love will always be rewarding in the long run. 

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Family photography is the best investment for you, your significant other, and the kids. You'll be capturing the love of your favorite people on earth. You'll embrace each other and celebrate each other. There are so many family photography styles, if you love classic portraits with everyone looking at the camera, there is a fantastic photographer waiting with open arms to create magic. If you're craving candid family memories (ATP's style) and lifestyle photography is what you're looking for, then your dreams will come true as well. Saying YES to family photography is the beginning of a fantastic journey. If you're into beach photos, here are 3 tips to choose the best beach family photographer for you.  


Go for it! Professional family portraits will give you great joy today and decades from now. You'll be able to walk down memory lane with the biggest smile and a warm heart.

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Andre Toro is an award-winning family and personal branding photographer based in Boston, MA. She calls her style Real Art Photography, which she defines as Fine Art inspired by candid moments. Andre is a passionate soul, obsessed with human connection, and emotive storytelling. She believes love is raw, messy, and beautiful. To inquire about booking a photo session, please contact her at andre@andretorophotography.com

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