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There’s something magical about the beach, isn’t there? Even when life gets a little chaotic, the beach is one of those places you can go to reflect and reset. The soft caress of sand underfoot, the salty breeze that tangles with your hair, and the symphony of waves crashing against the shore… It’s a special place, and one of my favorite places to capture those intentional, intimate beach family photos. 

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Picture this: warm hues, pastels coloring the sky, and you and your family, grinning at each other, playing in the waves. Your beach family photos are about so much more than striking a pose and smiling. It's about freezing those fleeting moments that define your family's unique story.

Whether you're a family of seasoned beachgoers or you're planning your very first seaside adventure for your photoshoot on the beach, these ideas are tailored to suit everyone to leave them with the best family photo(s)! 

I’ll talk more about tips to pick the perfect beachwear, coordinating outfits for group photos, and ensuring that every member of your family feels comfortable and confident in front of the lens. Ready? Let's make some waves – both in the sea and in your family photo album!

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How to Choose an Outfit for a Beach Photoshoot 

Ready to jump right in? Seasonal sessions like these are some of my favorites – and this season might be one of the best seasons for family photos! First things first, you will need outfits! For many of my families, outfits bring a lot of stress. What do you wear? Should we coordinate? Gone are the days of matchy-matchy outfits that scream awkward family photo! So how should you dress? Let’s talk about how to pick outfits for beach family photos. 

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Selecting the Right Colors for the Beach

Matching outfits might scream '80s sitcom, so let's bring it into the 21st century with coordinated color palettes for your beach photo outfit. Think about the hues that complement the beach backdrop – soft blues, sandy neutrals, and pops of coral or mint. I also recommend linen or denim to pop against the sandy tones. The golden rule? Comfort first. Because nothing says "picture-perfect" like outfits you can actually move and play in!

beach_family strolls on sand - best family beach pictures

Comfortable and Photogenic Beachwear Ideas

Beachwear is all about comfort! Embrace maximum chill, laid-back vibes with flowy dresses with light fabric, lightweight button-downs, and breathable fabrics. If you feel comfortable in it, consider maxi dresses for the ladies and a pair of comfortable shorts or linen pants for the men for your beach photo outfit. 

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Bonus tip: If your kiddos are involved, why not wear cute swimsuits to start or end the session with? Encourage your kids to run wild and unleash their energy – and we’ll capture it all! 

Coordinating Outfits for Group Beach Photos

So how do you put it all together? Start with a central theme or color scheme and let each family member express their style within those parameters. Choose subtle prints or solids that complement each other. 

And don't forget, layers are your friend! They add dimension and allow everyone to showcase their unique fashion flair. 

Remember: the end goal is to capture your family’s love, laughter, and connection at the beach. Keep it light, keep it colorful, and most importantly, keep it comfortable, and you can’t go wrong! 

beach_boys on sand - best family beach pictures

If you want more tips on how to dress for your photoshoot on the beach – or other photoshoots – head over to my blog

And if we decide to work together, don’t worry: I work with all my clients to help them build a lookbook for our shoot. I go the extra mile, every one of my clients gets a complimentary in-home consultation. We meet in your home and we pick outfits together, we look at your home’s decor and interior design. Are you dreaming about Wall Art? I make sure that the outfits match your color palette at home. Everything works together!

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Best Poses for Family Beach Pictures

Seaside Strolls

Not everyone wants to get wet – and that’s okay! You don’t have to get soaked to spend a special day by the beach. Enter the seaside stroll photos! Let’s capture your family’s natural cadence as you walk along the shore. Hold hands, skip a little, and let the kids run free – the key is to keep it relaxed and spontaneous. The gentle movement and the backdrop of the shoreline create a dynamic yet intimate shot that feels like a candid moment frozen in time. This is the best family photo! 

beach_family portrait - best family beach pictures

Beach Blanket Bonding

Let’s create your own cozy oasis! Spread out a beach blanket, have everyone gather around, and spend quality time together. Whether it's playing games or just basking in the sun together, this pose is all about capturing the casual, carefree vibe of a beach day. The beauty lies in those unposed moments, the shared laughter, and the genuine expressions that unfold when your family unit is together, spending quality time. 

Wander in the Waves

If you’re willing to get wet, let’s GO for it! There’s nothing more fun than capturing families playing in the waves, laughing and embracing their inner child. Whether it's jumping over the waves, running from the surf, or simply letting the water tickle their toes, there’s nothing quite as exhilarating and wonderful about playing in the waves. 

beach_boys playing at the shore - best family beach pictures

Wrapping Your Beach Family Photo Session 

Diving into the sun-soaked ocean waters can be a magical moment for you and your family – especially if you haven’t had much dedicated time to connect or touch base. Life gets hectic, doesn't it? 

beach_family portrait on the sand - best family beach pictures

Time is the most valuable resource, especially when you feel it slipping away bit by bit. My goal is simple: to freeze these precious moments in time and to create portraits that not only reflect the beauty of the beach but also the beauty of your family. Let’s make magic to last a lifetime with your own beach family photos



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